Atomic Force Microscopy Lab

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The group owns a Asylum Research MFP-3D Atomic Force Microscope. It operates with most common imaging modes for topography characterization in ambient, N2 atmosphere and liquid. Besides it supports advanced techniques such as Conductive-AFM (C-AFM), Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM), Electrical Force Microscopy (EFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) and Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) for electrical and magnetic characterization at the nanometric scale.


Simultaneous topography, current and friction maps of manganite thin film

Additional modules:

ORCA module: for current map imaging and I-V characteristics measurement capabilities. It can measure in a range from 1pA to 100 mA.

Variable Field Module : enables to apply static magnetic fields up to ±0.8 Tesla parallel to the sample plane.

CoolerHeater holder: Peltier system that enables to heat and cool samples from -30°C to +120°C.

External Current Amplifier DLPCA-200: Low noise variable gain transimpedance amplifier that allows current measurement over a wide range of gains (from 103 to 1011 V/A).


Topography, MFM amplitude and phase signals of Fe nanoparticles